Revolutionise Your


Australia’s only direct-asset portfolio management tool, built for advisers by advisers.

Technology To Capture New Revenues

Investment Management

Bring in-house or plug-and-play model managers (SMAs and IMAs)

Bring In-house

Bring platform/portfolio admin related tasks in-house e.g. reporting, trading

Extend Coverage Reporting

Introduce portfolio admin and reporting services on client directed assets e.g. direct property, self-directed shares

Take Control

Value Proposition

no platform or fund manager contracts with your client

Client Experience

no platform or broker interacts with your clients

Intellectual Property

clients sign up to YOUR service, not someone else’s.

Client Pricing & Margins

No third parties bill your client

Stop margin leakage to platforms, custodians and RE's

Better financial result for adviser and end-client

Why pay away, when there’s no need to?


Trial Pluto for days

90 days for up to 5 clients

Diversify Revenues

Advice fees from product

Best Interest Duty risks

Conflicted Remuneration risks

Unique client-offering

Give your clients the comfort of having:-
  • Complete control & transparency over ALL entity assets
  • Direct legal (not just beneficial) ownership of their assets​
  • The ability to reconcile all assets with independent third-party sources 
  • Their assets discretely held (no pooling of assets)
  • Real-time tax reporting on all entity assets.
  • A bank account that no third-party can scrape fees from. All data is controlled by you, not by a large platform
  • no “middle-man” fees or relationships

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90 days for up to 5 clients.
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