About Us

After becoming disenchanted with the layers of fees within existing platforms and the restrictive control their centralised models exerted over advisers, in 2006 we set about building what has become one of Australia’s most powerful direct asset Portfolio Management solutions. Key outcomes that our solution has achieved include:

  • low fees for the client
  • maximum margin back to adviser and stockbroker users
  • maximum control and freedom to adviser and stockbroker users.
  • maximum operational efficiency through bulk rebalance functionality
  • scalable business model

Our team members have backgrounds in Financial Advice, Funds Management, Accounting and Computer Programming. We have operated direct asset, Individually Managed Portfolios for over 15 years and have encountered all the issues associated with doing so. We have developed user-friendly solutions for these issues so that advice and stockbroker firms can easily manage direct asset portfolios. Importantly, as management own and control our software code, we are not beholden to third-party IT companies. This avoids the risk that we utilise another firms back-end software only for that firm to gain significantly larger and more demanding clients than us who force changes that are to our users’ detriment.