The Direct Asset Revolution:

What is the Direct Asset Revolution?

Traditionally your client’s assets have been held within custodial structures that have limited the freedoms of your clients and your advice model. Direct Assets shift the ownership back to the client by using individual HINS and bank accounts. Our software, “Pluto’ has been designed to allow advisors to operate within this model with scale for the first time, which opens the door for the advice industry to revolutionise the way clients hold assets.

For Your Business

Bring Revenues back in house

Direct Assets eliminate the need to outsource critical value-adds for your clients. Transform the way your business delivers its services by controlling and capturing the revenues from Asset Management, Advice, and Portfolio Administration.

Expand your scope with Client Directed Assets

Attract wealth with the ability to provide engaging advice on Client Directed property, privately held shares, collectibles, and crypto-assets. Our software reports on assets not traditionally in scope within financial services.

Control your Pricing

Clients sign up to your service, not third parties. This gives your business more flexibility and transparency in pricing your service to clients or advisors. Have peace of mind in knowing that third parties are not charging your client base.

Generate Valuable Intellectual Property

In White labelling all client interactions and services, advisors can enhance their brand and client relationships, creating valuable intellectual property.

Remove Conflicted Remuneration

Receive fees for the work that your business undertakes, which increases your value propositions to clients and removes the potential risks of conflicted remuneration.

For Your Clients


Legal ownership of Assets

Eliminate complex beneficial structures and give your clients peace of mind with direct legal ownership of all assets held.

Increased Transparency

Allow clients to reconcile every transaction from security dividends to broker fees; our software can reconcile assets in real-time to improve transparency.

Improved Tax outcomes

Our software’s reporting tools rely on double-entry accounting standards, which allows you to provide clients with real-time tax advice. Through the means of direct ownership, clients can trigger tax events at the most opportunistic time for their circumstances.

Minimise costs

Remove third party costs and leverage our software’s tools to create efficiencies that you can pass onto clients through lower fees.