How Does Pluto Work?


now you can offer your clients

  • Portfolio Administration and Reporting
  • Model portfolios
  • Direct legal ownership (no pooling)
  • Individual HIN trading in bulk
  • Licensing: MDA or Automated ROAs
  • All assets
  • Mail-house solutions
  • Single or block executions

Free Trial of Pluto for days

If after using Pluto, your clients are not more satisfied and engaged with your service after 9 months, you get your money back.

Case Study: Existing Pluto User

  • Own AFSL with MDA.

  • Automated ROA feature used for small group of clients
  • Three
  • 130 entities, mostly HNW (individuals, SMSF, family trusts)
  • Strategic Advice: Charged ad-hoc (no ongoing advice related fees. No advice fees from financial products)

  • Investment Management (on-going fee based on FUM)
  • Individually Managed Portfolio Service (fully service active management of assets based on pre-agreed on Investment Program)

  • Client Directed Assets (mail-house, reporting and ability to real-time tax plan)
  • With advice firm and broker only (no platforms, custodians or REs)
  • Owned and controlled by advice firm, no platform controls data or portfolio paperwork. Advice firm has direct relationship with share broker and cash account provider. 
  • Firm can cease using Pluto with minimal disruption and no CGT impact on clients.
  • Investment Management Service: 1.5%
  • Client Directed Assets: 0.35%
  • All directly, legally held by the client

Model Portfolios

  • Australian shares: shares, ETFs and LICs

  • International Shares: ETFs and LICs

  • Property: A-REITs

  • Fixed Interest & Hybrids: Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Hybrids, ETFs

  • Cash: Cash Management Trust and Term Deposits

  • Other: N/A

Clients either elect one or more of the above of pre-packaged Risk-Based Portfolios eg: Conservative, Balanced, Growth, which are made up of the above model portfolios.

  • Direct Commercial Property (held both directly and within related unit trusts)


  • Direct shares


  • Privately held company shares

  • Collectables
  • Portfolio admin  – 1 part-time

  • Asset management – 3 full-time
  • Investment Service: $120m

  • Client Directed: $15m


Investment Service:     $1,800,000

Client Directed:                    $52,500


Advisers                            ($450,000)

Other Staff                     ($370,000)*

Other                                ($200,000)

EBIT                                 $832,500

Margin:                                    45%

* If the firm wanted to utilize an external model manager, this would reduce by $300,000.

$1m x 1.5%                                                                = $15,000

$500,000 direct property x 0.35%                      = $1,750

Trading Costs                                                                 = $600
                                                                        (on average p.a.)

Total                                                                            = $17,350

1.16% of FUM.

  • Percentage of revenues subject to annual FDS: <10%

  • Percentage of revenues subjected to ongoing conflicted remuneration: 0%
  • Comfort of knowing all assets legally-owned (no pooling with other clients)


  • Comfort of professionals are actively managing their assets and looking after all paperwork, reporting etc.


  • Receive a monthly Portfolio Update


  • Contact managers of their assets at any time.


  • View portfolio, all source docs 24/7


  • Paying for a true, ongoing service
  • The client’s accountant and auditor are given logins (where necessary) to allow source documents to be retrieved without the adviser needing to collate information.