Use Technology

to capture new revenues

Investment Management Revenues

Bring in-house or plug-and-play desired model managers (SMAs and IMAs). Let us explain why an investment management fee structure is better than an advice fee

Bring platform/portfolio admin related tasks in-house

e.g. reporting, trading

Introduce portfolio admin and reporting services on client directed assets

e.g. direct property, self-directed shares

Free Trial of Pluto for days

If after using Pluto, your clients are not more satisfied and engaged with your service after 9 months, you get your money back.

Take Control

Value proposition

Complete ownership of your client relationship as no platform or fund manager contracts with your client, only you.  Investment management fee structure rather than advice fee.

Client experience

Structure your business to your own choice, white label all your visible client interactions. Reduce your workload and streamline administration.  Individual HIN’s, no pooling.

Intellectual property

Clients sign up to YOUR service, not someone else’s.

Client pricing & margins

No third parties bill your client.  Control pricing for both the end client and adviser.

A unique combination of flexibility
and control

Open architecture to plug and play. Achieve scale through operational efficiencies, to build a competitive advantage.


Construct your own portfolio’s or use external ones

Realtime tax and accounting, with full ability to reconcile. Improve both profitability and visibility. Develop your own Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) service.

Stop margin leak to platforms, custodians and RE’s

Why pay for separate platforms when all functions can be performed by Pluto? Protect the client’s FUM and minimise costs for both the adviser and the end-clients

Why pay for separate platforms when all functions can be performed by Pluto? Protect the client’s FUM and minimise costs for both the adviser and the end-clients

Flexibility to use external Investment Managers models or build your own or engage Investment Committee services. Pluto empowers the Adviser to become the investment manager of their clients’ assets in entirety.

Pluto can be used to generate ROA’s to end client automatically.  Alternatively, Pluto can be used on a discretionary basis using MDA/IMA/client directed portfolios.

Advice fees from product

Why are investment fees better than Advice fees ? How can assets covered be maximized ?

Best Interest
Duty risks

What are the potential pitfalls ? How can Pluto help you avoid these ?

Remuneration risks

Potential issues. How can Pluto help to avoid this situation ?

Unique Client Offering

Give your clients the comfort of having​
  • Complete control and transparency over  ALL entity assets
  • Direct legal (not just beneficial) ownership of their assets
  • The ability to reconcile all assets with independent third-party sources 
  • Their assets discretely held (no pooling of assets)
  • Real-time tax reporting on all entity assets.
  • A bank account that no third-party can scrape fees from
  • Their data control by you and not a large platform
  • No “middle-man” fees or relationships
  • The option to white-labelling website
  • Permission access to original documentation by accountant or auditor